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Nov 23, 2018

This week I am in conversation with Tony Robinson OBE.  Tony is a champion of Micro Businesses and, along with his business partner, co-founded the #MicroBizMatters movement along with Tina Boden.

Tony talks about his life generally but also his show The Micro Myths and Magic Show. He is a strong advocate for all micro business owners and feels he is doing exactly what he wants to be doing. He has been working for himself for 32 years. An author (Freedom from Bosses Forever) and really, an incredibly varied and full life!

We talked about:

  • The atmosphere and bravery that provide great inspiration when running marathons (he had just finished the Great North Run when we spoke and was scheduled to run the Yorkshire marathon)
  • The many aspects of his life - writing, speaking, supporting micro businesses, running, sport, guitars, theatre, opera, hats and so much more
  • The Pay in 30 days campaign
  • What is a Micro Business and how important it is to recognise them separately to SMEs
  • A little bit on magic and the $1,000,000 reward if, under scientific conditions, it can be proved that you are psychic, really bending spoons, etc!
  • Founder of SFEDI
  • Separating the snakes from the ladders
  • Finding your own way and your own success
  • MicroBizMatters day (11-Jan-2019)

Tony can be contacted on:


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