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May 20, 2018

Tomas' shares his story on starting when he came to the UK from the Czech Republic 13 years ago. In that time he worked his way up from a pot washer into management and now he is a successful coach of OK is NOT Enough.
In our conversation, Tomas shares his journey to become a coach, how he encourages people to define their own version of success, his upcoming book, the need to change if you're at OK and not happy being there, asking to paid for his coaching, gives some advice on getting yourself out there and picking up the phone, sharing his goals and how people respond to his openness and how he looks after himself.

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Tomas Svitorka

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I work with business owners who are growing their business. We work together to identify hotspots, agree rescue plans and put a structure in place to enable you to become more consistent and efficient which increases productivity and supports your growth.

We do this utilising planning, project management and communication skills.

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