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Sep 9, 2018

Divorce is not something that we speak about very often unless it is impacting us or someone close to us.  It made a change to talk about it with Rhiannon and really gain an insight into her business, how it evolves, the challenges she sees people facing as they deal with a relationship that may no longer be working.  We spoke about the importance of support, self-care and also some of the realities of leaving your partner.

Rhiannon was practicing family law when she had to take a break due to a chronic health condition. This, combined with seeing the support her mother needed when she divorced after 35 years of marriage, led Rhiannon to defining her own business model and set up the Rhiannon Ford Divorce Consultancy. 

Celebrating 8 years in business this summer, Rhiannon shares her journey as an award winning business owner! At the time of our conversation, she had won 2 awards and since then, has become a finalist in the Best Business Woman in Legal Services category at the Best Business Women Awards.

Show Notes

During our conversation we talk about:

  • Making the move to set up her own business combining her legal experience and life coach training to provide a unique service for people at any stage in the divorce/separation process.
  • Providing the ‘inside scoop’ on how the legal process works and coaching support
  • Her focus on taking stress away from her clients to the best of her ability
  • The impact of divorce on children and pets
  • The challenges of divorcing or separating and how building a team around you to support you is important
  • Divorcing later in life - the shock of learning to live alone
  • Hearing her first client say “I’m so pleased you’re in my life” made her realise that this was what she wanted to do
  • Her (award winning!) use of social media and blogging to educate and connect with potential clients
  • Rhiannon's approach to self-care and maintaining her own health and well-being (as well as coaching her clients on self-care)
  • Her tips if you are considering leaving your partner
  • Her tips on starting your own business

Show Links

Twitter: @Rhiannon_Ford
Instagram: @RhiannonFordDivorceConsultancy
Facebook: RhiannonFordDivorceConsultancy/
Rhiannon Ford

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