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Sharing the challenges and stories of fellow business owners! 



The Show

As I started my own business, I found that there are so many people in the same situation who want to hear from other entrepreneurs about their story and in particular their challenges.  

It is so easy to feel you are the only one facing challenges and to hear stories from other business owners - at all stages of their business career - really helps you to realise that this is normal.  Even those who we see as successful are still facing challenges. 

With mental health so visible these days (as it should be!), I also speak to business owners about how they manage their well being.


About Your Host - Debra Levitt

Born in Canada far too long ago to mention, I have been in the UK for almost all of my adult life. Most of my working life has, with one or two exceptions, involved working as a temp or on contract basis though it was only recently that I feel I really started my own business. 

I am taking my project management experience in corporates to support smaller businesses and solopreneurs.  

You come to me when you can't seem to achieve your goals, when your plans either don't exist or never seem to provide benefit. I work with you (and your team) to make sure you are working on the right projects, that you have the right resources, realistic timelines and more so that you are all working to the same goal. I encourage open communication - the reality is that problems happen, things don't always go to schedule - how you deal with it is what can make the difference between success and failure.

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Debra Levitt